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The technology landscape continues to evolve at a rapid pace, and keeping up with the latest in cloud computing can often feel insurmountable.

The second you develop a strategy to move forward, the goalposts change and everything needs to be reworked.

A step ahead...

Step into the future with confidence with ICT Networks by your side. We employ technology from globally renowned vendors to deliver complete cloud solutions that simplify your cloud infrastructure and your cloud journey.


Use multi-cloud to solve big business problems

Strategically distribute cloud assets, software and applications to save money and yield better results.


Prepare for the future

Enjoy the benefits of integrated solutions that deliver the full power of advancing AI, IoT and computing architecture.


Optimise hybrid cloud

Simplify your hybrid cloud transformation and management.


Leverage automation

Put your business on the fast track to better cost efficiencies and increased revenue.


Grow your capacity in an instant

Build up or scale out your datacentre operations in minutes.


Automate services across clouds

Effortlessly move workloads between clouds without the risk or complexity.

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Cloud computing offers expansive benefits including greater agility, scalability and cost effectiveness - but not always through the one provider. For this reason, many organisations are opting for a multi-cloud approach where they can leverage the best tools and services available from each platform.

Managing a multi-cloud environment can be incredibly complex, with a variety of concerns ranging from ongoing change management to complicated security assessments, potential for cost blowouts, and more.

We can help you develop an effective roadmap to identify, deploy and manage a mix of cloud resources that solve your biggest business challenges while maximising business value. 

Keep up with the demands of today's always-connected consumers with multi-cloud-ready infrastructure that leverages the best of all worlds.

We will work with you to simplify your path to multi-cloud while securing and automating your operations to break down silos and achieve next level agility so your business is always a step ahead of your competitors. 

Hybrid cloud combines the best of your private cloud infrastructure, with the latest tools available from public cloud services. The most significant advantages include supporting rapid digital business transformation, scalability, reliability, and improving your agility in today's hyper-competitive marketplace.

Without an effective strategy though, hybrid cloud can quickly lead to big budget blowouts and data security risks.

We can collaborate with your team to optimise and manage your hybrid cloud to ensure better governance, enhanced security, and effective cost management.  

Automation is essential for protecting against emerging security threats and creating a network that facilitates rapid deployment of new applications and services to maintain your competitive edge.

No matter what cloud infrastructure you are working with, we can help you leverage the latest in artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate your network infrastructure so it does all the heavy lifting for you. 

We have access to the latest tools to support your transition to a multi-environment, including Juniper's Contrail Enterprise Multicloud: an advanced platform that automates the transformation of multiple independent cloud infrastructures into a seamless managed multi-cloud that provides full control of and visibility into all services.

Deployed in some of the world's largest datacentre clouds, Contrail offers automation of a datacentre build-up or scale-out in just minutes.

ICT Networks will work with your internal team to deploy Contrail into your network environment, with prior dev testing in our local lab to ensure success before we make a single change to your live environment. 

Juniper's advanced Contrail Enterprise Multicloud makes it easy to automate services across clouds so you can connect datacentres with no human intervention. You can also seamlessly move workloads between clouds, and visualise how your infrastructure is being used so you can predict and estimate the cost of operations.

ICT Networks will work with your internal team to deploy Contrail into your network environment, with prior dev testing in our local lab to ensure success before we make a single change to your network.