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Integrated and fit-for-purpose networking architecture for enterprise, government and service providers.

We deliver integrated and fit-for-purpose networking architecture for enterprise, government and service providers.

Gain a bird's eye view of your network and security capabilities, and simplify your infrastructure with advanced networking technologies. Solve your toughest networking challenges across on-premise, hybrid and cloud - with configurations designed to scale and support all your business applications.

Our Networks...

Our expertise lies with networks, so we are vendor-agnostic. However, we have a soft spot for Juniper Networks which is why we have specialist knowledge in Juniper's globally renowned networking technologies. Our team is 100% local and boasts an onsite dev and lab environment designed to enable innovation and POC testing without the risk.


Simplify your maintenance renewals

Save your business time and money with co-termed maintenance contracts.


Future proof your IT infrastructure

Agile infrastructure services that meet business transformation needs.


Bridge gaps and improve security

Identify operational and security gaps, mitigate risk and increase agility.


Shift to modern SD-WAN

Build a wide area network that continuously learns and adapts to your business needs.


24/7 network reliability and support

Sleep soundly knowing your organisation's networks are engineered for optimal uptime and security and that we have eyes on them 24/7.


Make data driven decisions

Create a single source of truth with deep insights for informed decision making.


Scale on command

Meet the growing demands of your network and scale bandwidth, subscribers and services instantly.

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Most organisations today have a multi-vendor approach to sourcing their infrastructure hardware allowing them to choose the best product for each network component. But when you have thousands of devices under diverse vendor support agreements with different renewal dates it can be costly, time consuming, and even risky to manage.

At ICT Networks, we co-term vendor agreements into a single annual renewal date. This lowers admin costs and saves time, while making it easier to budget for renewals. We will also remind you well in advance when the date is approaching, to give you time to re-negotiate vendor support agreements if desired.

As your business transforms, your IT infrastructure must be responsive and programmable so it can support you in leveraging the latest technologies for greater efficiencies and cost savings.

Using an agile approach and best practice methodologies, we will future proof your on premise and virtual IT infrastructure so you can start enjoying the benefits of the most advanced digital technologies right now.

With ICT Networks at the helm, you'll have confidence that your organisation's network and the processes supporting it are robust, reliable and secure.

Ask us how we can help you:

  • run your ICT efficiently and cost-effectively
  • achieve excellent network performance to maximise business continuity
  • reduce the cost and complexity of your ICT
  • improve processes and security
  • know how well your network is running and under what conditions
  • proactively plan for future network requirements

Traditional WAN routers weren't designed to support modern cloud or hybrid environments. SD-WAN liberates enterprises from the cost, complexity and headache of legacy router-centric infrastructure. It also allows users to connect securely to applications via the safest and most cost effective source of connectivity available.

SD-WAN is the preferred solution for service providers, telcos and leading corporations across the globe.

  • Overlay technology to augment or replace MPLS networks
  • Easily connects users to the cloud
  • Simplifies IT operations
  • Integrates SD-WAN, WAN optimisation, routing and security
  • Eliminates link interruptions, brownouts and blackouts
  • Application driven, learns and adapts to changing network conditions

Your success hinges on 24/7 network reliability. But as networks become more complex, so does their management. Leave your network management concerns to our Level 3 certified technical experts, so you can concentrate on growing your business.

We will engineer your network to be self-sufficient and proactively detect and mitigate threats, while keeping a keen eye on your operations so we can respond quickly to any anomalies.

Without proper oversight of your systems, you simply do not have the data to identify performance gaps or issues hindering user experience. We can provide consistent performance monitoring that delivers deep and valuable insights on where things may be failing or impacting end users.

Our performance monitoring tools span all IT environments and ensure the single source of truth you need to make rapid, data driven decisions at both infrastructure and application levels.

Build an SDN-ready network that scales in bandwidth, subscribers and services to meet the rapidly growing demands of your business.

With industry leading capacity, density and performance, we can show you how to design a fast, flexible and secure environment that maximises your ROI.

  • Efficiently integrates virtualised network services at scale
  • Won't impact control plane or forwarding performance
  • Delivers nonstop availability
  • Provides quality of service for always-connected customers